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» Voluptuous Weimar

» Between Fire& Ice

» Adrienne Haan sings Kurt Weill

» Chansons d’Amour

» Tehorah

» Rock le Cabaret!

» Berlin, Mon Amour

» Berlin To Broadway – Transatlantic

» Cabaret Français

» Till The End Of Time

» Sounds Of The Season

» White Christmas



Voluptuous Weimar

This concert characterizes Berlin during the 1920’s and early 30’s as a time of change.  The program includes works by Spoliansky, Hollaender, Berlin, Porter and more.  Haan captivates as she brings to life a Germany suffering from the aftermath of the First World War. It is Germany’s Golden Age, a time of creativity, art, music and culture, of Brecht and Weill’s “Threepenny Opera”, the making of Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”, the discovery of Marlene Dietrich starring as the “Naughty Lola” in Joseph von Sternberg’s “Blue Angel”. It’s also the time of Josephine Baker and her Charleston music; and the great American swing and jazz that transforms Berlin and other large German cities. Haan re-lives this bodacious period combining all these genres taking you on an enchanting musical voyage through history.

The program can be done with Grammy Award Winning Big Band Vince Giordano & The Nightwawks, 9-14 piece big band as well as a version with solo piano. Score and parts available for all options.




Between Fire & Ice

A diabolical Weimar Berlin Cabaret depicting Berlin during the 1920s: A time of change, challenge, experiments and when traditions are going down the drain. With the First World War lost and the Kaiser in exile, Germany begins to experiment with a new form of government: the Weimar Republic is born and with it a nation longing for latitude. Come and celebrate the Golden Age, the dance on the volcano between the two World Wars, a time of creativity, art, music and culture, the women’s movement, and gay liberation. Haan re-lives this bodacious period probing the ties between feminist struggle and female glamour, taking you on an enchanting musical voyage through history.
In contrast to "Voluptuous Weimar", this programs features German chansons from the Weimar Period only.

The program can be done with symphony orchestra, Grammy Award Winning Big Band Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks, 9-14 piece big band as well as a version with solo piano. Score and parts available for all options.



Adrienne Haan sings Kurt Weill

In this soirée, Haan focuses on the history of the works of Kurt Weill. Starting in Berlin in the 1920s and 30s, featuring his famous songs of the Weimar years, to the time he spent in exile in Paris highlighting some of his less known, but glorious French oeuvres as well as his American successes during the 1940s. Haan presents this soirée as a musical voyage, portraying his opuses in their original character and length with new arrangements to match her voice and performance style. All of them are presented in the original language.

Charts available for a 6 piece ensemble including piano, bass/tuba, drums, clarinet/alto sax, violin, and guitar/banjo



Chansons d’Amour

A true romantic evening featuring some of the world’s most treasured French chansons by Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour. This soirée brings out all the heart and passion these songs possess as Haan guides the audience through the lives of the original interpreters with stories of love and loss.

Score and parts available for chamber orchestra.




Tehorah, which means "pure" in Hebrew, is a heartbreaking, promising musical story about war, loss, hope, love and forgiveness. The soirée contains German, Yiddish and Hebrew songs that were composed and written exclusively by Jewish composers and lyricists; but at the same time Tehorah a historical-poetic portrait. First performed at Carnegie Hall in New York, this soirée sets a sign of hope for peace among the peoples.

Score and parts available for piano and string quartet.



Rock Le Cabaret!

International chanteuse Adrienne Haan performs Rock Le Cabaret!, a modern rock opera featuring French chansons by Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour and Kurt Weill. Haan is known as one of Europe and America’s most electrifying cabaret stars touring around the world. The program features a five-piece rock band building a bridge between classical French cabaret and rock music. She fuses Brel with Metallica, Piaf with Van Halen, Aznavour with the Bee Gees and Weill with Andrew Lloyd Webber for a performance filled with her personal stories and history to help enhance an evening of cabaret for a new generation.
“Ms. Haan has such a clear expression of passion that makes her songs sound new and chart topping.”

Charts available for a 5 piece rock band including piano, drums, bass, electric guitar, and tenor sax.



Berlin, Mon Amour

Adrienne Haan presents her new soirée Berlin, Mon Amour, celebrating the 100th Centennial of the Weimar Republic. On August 11, 1919, the Weimar Constitution was signed by then-president of the German Reich, Friedrich Ebert, which was the beginning of a new political and cultural movement in Germany, constantly threatened by failed uprisings of the left wing and attempted putsches of the right. This show includes German Cabaret Songs of the 1920s and early 30s, songs that were considered "degenerate" by the rising Nazi Regime in 1933 and therefore banned, due to Jewish creatorship. It features songs that Haan has not sung before as well as newly arranged and newly interpreted songs of former shows in a brand new setting, telling the story of the rise and fall of what was Germany's first democracy: The Republic of Weimar!
It is a theatrical musical voyage, a "tour de force" about the struggle of feminism, the longing for freedom, trans-gender discovery, sexual liberation, and the demolishing of chains of the old traditions.

Featuring Richard Danley as MD, directed by Barry Kleinbort.




Berlin To Broadway – Transatlantic

The unforgettable evening will feature a musical voyage from 1920s Berlin to recent Broadway while singing Klezmer / Hebrew music, French chansons by Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf, American Songbook favorites, and beloved Broadway show tunes in five different languages.

This show is accompanied by piano and charts are also available for trio (piano, bass, drums).




Cabaret Français

Featuring classics by Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour and Jacques Brel, and introducing lesser known works such as 1920s and 1930s French chansons by Kurt Weill and Walter Jurmann, Haan presents her uniquely crafted Cabaret Français, which also includes contemporary pop-jazz songs originally performed by Patricia Kaas and French Canadian singer Isabelle Boulay. This soirée, accompanied by solo piano (or duo or trio), promises to be emotional, witty and entertaining.




Till The End of Time

A tribute to The Great American Songbook, Haan’s distinctive interpretations of these classics were arranged to compliment her unique stage presence and vocal prowess. Accompanied by a dynamic four piece swing band comprised of piano, bass, drums, and alto sax/clarinet, this energetic and lively production includes songs such as Adrienne’s special version of Blue Skies, a Sinatra Medley and her bossa nova rendition of All or Nothing At All.

Charts available for 4 piece ensemble including piano, bass, drums and alto sax/clarinet.



Sounds Of The Season

Adrienne Haan presents a joyful holiday show featuring America’s most beloved Christmas songs combined with traditional European holiday carols.  The program spreads a message of love, good will and peace through the beautiful sounds of Christmas classics. The diverse selection of repertoire, with lyrics and music that lives on through the generations, includes works from J.S. Bach to Irving Berlin. These treasured pieces are “forever” Christmas cards performed in English, German, French or Spanish by Ms. Haan with her unique personal flair.

This program can be performed with solo piano or piano, bass and drums.




White Christmas

A celebration of the life and music of Irving Berlin.

Accompanied by piano or any type band needed.